WTI – Broken system fix tool

I develop and apply tools to implement new habits and routines. These tools are created by summing up philosophies and tips from successful people. By the end of every research I share the tools with my readers and friends.

Broken system fix tool

Don’t have time for your kids? Stuck in the hamster wheel? Does people rely on you & it makes you feel stuck? Can’t find time for the gym? Watching to much TV? Procrastinating? None of the above but still something which causes problems in your life? This tool is for you!

Download your own copy by clicking the link :

Broken system fix tool PDF (Print and fill out by hand)

Broken system fix tool Open office (Fill out in your computer)

This is basically a way for you to get around the whole process of setting up goals and making a big deal out of the changes you want to apply to your life. Just download and put your dreams on the paper. No dream is to big or to small. Enjoy the process because a lot of the times the journey is everything…


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