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For a couple of days I’ve had a feeling that I’m missing out on something. I’ve been comparing the feeling I used to have when I first started thinking about Welcome to Insight. I am not exactly sure when that was, but if I’d have to estimate I would say that it was 4 or even 5 years ago when I first started to think about the road of constant improvement. Back then this life changing journey was just words scribbled down on a paper and it was laying on my desk in the house we used to live.

Yesterday I was listening to Brian Koppelman as he was a guest at the Tim Ferriss Show and he was talking about the creative process of writing scripts. He shared his thoughts on the routines we should have in our life to help us conquer our fears of failure. One of the exercises he recommends is writing freely. This was one of the first exercises that I started doing 5 years ago. Back then I used to do the writing freely exercise before I did my morning meditation. I remember how intense my meditation used to be so I decided to try it again this morning.

Believe it or not but by starting up my day with writing freely I did notice a big difference in my focus during my meditation. My mind was much more calm. I’ve decided that I will commit to this from here on forward. This means that I now have a lot of writing to do in the early hours of the morning and if I’m going to have time to squeeze in the writing freely exercise the snooze button has to go.

So here’s what my morning routines will look like in the future :

04:30am alarm clock, no snooze, brush teeth, prepare the coffee, write freely 3 pages by hand, meditate, write in the Rapid Diary, write morning diary post, gym.

I will also write a post on the actual writing freely procedure to explain how it works, I’ll see if I can have it published by tomorrow. Talk to you later my friends!


PS. If you want to know what Welcome to Insight is you can read my now page.

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