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When you’re weak, you’re strong

Many times a weakness can be an asset. It can be the driving force to reach heights that you would’ve never reached without the challenge and the struggle.

With that in mind you should live outside your comfort zone as much as you can. That’s where you’ll grow the most.

Live life as boldly as you can imagine, learn the rules, bend and break them. Don’t do it to impress me or anybody else. Do it for “you”, challenge and surprise yourself.

Practice the art of lifting yourself up. Realize that life is about repetition. The more you do it, the stronger you get.

This life is your journey. Do what’s inside of you. Don’t let other people take that decision for you. Make your own life.

The only thing that matters is how bad you want it. Keep the passion and believe in the future.

Joy is not as intense as pleasure, but it’s sustainable. It can last you a lifetime. Aim for a life based on joy, with elements of pleasure.

Talent is something you explore through curiosity, trial and error. It’s a combination of what you love and what you can lose yourself in. You know you’re getting close when time starts flying while being at it.

Keep on exploring your inner potential and find what you can do. Brake it down into smaller parts and master them.

If you can’t find the right circumstances, you’re going to have to create them. You might interpret the feeling of being out of your comfort zone as fear. Repetition and consistency slowly morphs fear into faith.

To reach achievement you’ll be going through struggle, keep hope alive. If what you’re doing is worth while you’ll have to go through times of hopelessness without giving up.

On this journey be open to change. Be like water!


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