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When your soul lines up then the universe will follow.

hen your soul lines up then the universe will follow.

These words came out on the papers this morning as I was writing freely. The thing with writing freely is that I just let the pen go. I do this exercise as early as possible in the morning. This means after I have brushed my teeth and turned on the water boiler.

This morning the clock was 04:39am when I started writing. I did it, I beat the snooze button! I write two full pages by hand in a A4 note book every morning without correcting myself. I have noticed that my morning meditation is more relaxed when followed by the writing freely exercise.

Let me get back to the whole universe topic which opened up this post. The fact is that since I started reading books, meditating, writing and really listening to what that voice inside of me is telling me. The universe has been lining up. It’s not like I’m conquering the world or anything like that. But I am becoming more the person that I want to be. Welcome to Insight is the place where I’m documenting this journey.

I have sold everything I owned and I have moved to a tropical island on the other side of the world. I used to own a lot of things, none of which made me happier. My goal is to be as honest about this journey as possible here on the road of constant improvement.

Maybe you feel like you too would want to try to kick some bad habits or you might have ideas on how to improve the tools I’m sharing on my tools site.

Please feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear your opinion & story!


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