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What’s the worst that could happen?



4:40 am and the alarm on my phone goes off really loud. It’s an old Iphone 4s. I have dropped this phone into the toilet once and onto the concrete floors repeatedly. It’s been enduring ware and tare for many years now. The front is cracked and pieces of the screen has fallen off. But it still works. If we go back only a couple of years I would be looking for the latest model yesterday. But times are a changing like Bod Dylan wrote. When this phone gives up I have an even older version lying in my closet, it’s my old Iphone 4. My only criteria for my phone these days is that I want to be able to listen to audio books on it when I go to the gym.

Since I moved to this new country I make sure that I don’t give my phone number to a lot of people. I buy a cash card for my phone and I make maybe 2 or 3 phone calls per week. My credits usually lasts for three months and then they expire so I have to refill. I have now limited my phone bill cost to approximately 10$ per month. I try to put my priorities right. Since I got to this tropical island I’ve not only decided to change bad habits of internal matters. I’m also determined to keep myself in check when it comes to the consumption part. I used to have creditors chasing me and now a days I hardly exist on paper. Part of my new life philosophy is definitely to never be in debt again!

So you might ask, but how do you do if you’re going to do a job for someone? Facebook is really popular on the island of New Caledonia so I do all the planning on messenger. I make sure that I have all the details for when to be there, how long the job is and what they want. Finally I make sure to be there 15 minutes early, which makes me look really good because on this island it’s tradition to be 20 ā€“ 40 minutes late, island style! I do freelance jobs based on my self taught skills. Live sound, photo shoots, audio recording etc. I do own a camera but for the rest of the stuff I’m only paid for my know how.

I’ve set it up in a way that I don’t really have to pay for anything, so I only do the jobs that I love to do over here. I used to provide for my family back in our old life, but since we got here my wife had her dream on how to make a living and she asked for my support to be able to go for it. She needed me to take care of the kids so that she could focus and she’s really doing it. This is also one thing that really has made a big difference in our family. The fact that my wife has finally found her calling makes our couple much more solid. She is an artist and it turns out that this island has been waiting for someone like her, they love what she does and they pay well. I am very proud and extremely grateful for this.

If I would’ve known I would’ve changed country many years ago, but I was afraid of the unknown. I’m not going to be afraid no more and I don’t think you should be either. You should really think of it like the old stoics did :

  • What’s the worst that could happen?

By asking myself this I found that selling everything and move to a new country would at worst make me have to go back to my old life. I was mostly afraid of coming back to my old friends hanging my head and admitting that I was wrong. Really is that so horrible?

If you read this then I would like for you to start thinking about what changes you would like to apply to your own life. Leave it in the comments, you can be anonymous just like me. It makes it much easier!

I got to go, time to make breakfast for the kids!

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