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What if? No more!



Hi there everyone!

What I’m doing right now is that I study successful people and I apply their habits, routines and exercises to my own life. Why do I do this you might ask?

Exactly one year ago me and my family moved to a new country. We’d had it with the wind, snow and cold so we decided to move to a tropical island outside the coast of Australia. The island is called New Caledonia, it’s a French colony. When I stepped off the plane I realized that all of this had happened because I’d made it happen. I’d created this! Back in the days when I’d hear someone say that nothing is impossible, I’d just let it slide by and I’d just continue with my life and my old habits. But here I was, on the other side of the world surrounded by palm trees and warm salty air and it made me curious. What more can I change?

So I started to ask myself some questions, what more have I heard but not listened to? What if I took this opportunity and changed my life completely? What if I decided to not just leave the wind and the cold behind but also all the bad habits I had accumulated during these first 40 years of my life? What if I decided to follow my inner voice from here on out? What if I started applying the habits and routines that all the successful people were selling in their self development books, articles, pod casts, seminars etc. What if I actually started doing what they said? What if I decided to change everything? What if I could become truly successful in the eyes of my children and my wife? What if the guy looking back at me in the mirror could be surprised by what he saw? What if it’s possible to lose weight, stop smoking, eat healthy, be happy, learn new languages, do sports and become a little bit better every day? That’s how it happened, I started to ask the questions and one day I decided to say.

What if? No more!

I have given myself one year to study success. I say one year because I just don’t want it to fall apart after two months. What I’m really saying is. At least for one year I will do my best to get rid of as many nasty habits as possible by studying successful people and their advice.

Today I’ve decided to go through all the episodes of the Tim Ferriss pod cast from the beginning to the end. One episode a day should be okay. I will try to find one thing from each episode or one piece of insight which I can apply to my own life. I look at his website right now //B I see that he has 243 episodes so that will keep me busy for a while.

 I develop tools during and after a research. You can have a look at them under the “Tools” menu. They’re free for download. They work as guidelines to repeat successful experiments. I’m definitely open for suggestions when it comes to development ideas, just drop a message if you have any thoughts.

Welcome to Insight everybody, let’s do this!


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