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Welcome to my Now page!



This is what I’m doing right now

I’m moving from one country to another. I used to live in a cold country with four seasons, where I was spending my days as a factory worker and my nights as a father, musician and husband for many years. One day me and my family had enough. We didn’t want to do that anymore so we sold everything we owned and moved to this tropical Island outside the coast of Australia called New Caledonia. Yes, it is possible!

I’ve made some incredible changes in my life already. Every day I wake up these days I realize that anything is possible and that makes me even more curious.

What else can I change?

I’ve decided to make the most out of this move. I’m determined to leave as many of my bad habits behind me as possible and become the best version of me that I can possibly imagine.

I’m accomplishing this by studying successful people. their advice, routines, tips and tricks. After I’ve read up on a topic which inspires me I put my research together, I meditate on what’s important to me, I create some kind of tool that I can use and finally I make it a part of my new life by applying it into my daily routines. I write about everything I research in my blog, “The Morning Diary”. Sometimes I fail but then at least I’ve tried. My “Tools” will be available for my readers. This is my way of sharing and saying thanks instead of please.

I have an amazing chance to change everything. I’ve moved to the other side of the world to a place where no one knows the old me. This freedom is my weapon and I intend to use it. I hereby commit to publish one post per day for 12 months.

The starting date for my morning diary is :

April 12 2017”

Right now :

  • I am successfully kicking the habit of smoking cigarettes.

  • I’ve lost 11kg or 24pounds for an extended period of time now. I’m finally getting my head around how I can be effective and healthy at the same time.

  • I’m doing a research on bucket lists for the moment and my results will soon be published here on WTI along with some tool that I developed for myself and for you if you want it (Tools are for my own personal growth and they are for free to anyone who wants to try them out). I’m very exited about this one. If used right, a bucket list can be an amazing tool.

  • I’m also figuring out what this website really is and at the same time I’m learning the fantastic platform of WordPress.

I just read the book “Mans search for meaning”. Viktor Frankl wrote that whole book with the intention that it would be published with the writer as anonymous. However he changed his mind just before the final draft and then decided to put his name on the work. The method allowed him to write without the filter of being self conscious. This made him end up closer to the truth.

Reading this I immediately felt, that’s want to do at Welcome to insight!

By keeping myself out of the way I will keep the work in the center. I also feel like I need a head start on everything and everyone who was earlier part of my life and therefor knows me way to well. I want to be up and running with this thing before the whole :

– What the hell are you up to “B”!?, stop that nonsense and stay who you always been, you come back to us right now, don’t change, who do you think you are? why? what? Nooooooooo… Don’t leave us! We hate you!!!!!

I know it might sound silly to you but that’s what it sounds like in my head when I think about telling my friends back home about this website. Maybe some of you who has ever tried massive change can relate?

Let’s see how long we can keep the anonymity up. I will off course share pictures and videos so that all of you who wants to interact and decides to follow will know what I look like. I do realize that sooner or later someone I know will figure out what I’m up to and I’m okay with that. But if you already know who I am then maybe you can keep a secret?

How Exciting!

Everything I write or publish here will therefore be signed :


Welcome to insight & the road of constant improvement

Peace out //B

PS. My now page is inspired by check it out it’s awesome!

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