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Wall of Insight – Episode 34-39 of the Tim Ferriss Show Podcast

This is the updated version of the “Wall of Insight”. I reflected over these articles and decided to do one post per week instead of seven. I just think it will bring more value like this. Read about this challenge by clicking the link “Welcome to Insight”.

Episode 34 Ramit Sethi

If you’re in debt Ramit wants you to use his free material to fix that. When your private economy is stable your welcome back to join one of his high end courses. In this episode Ramit is talking about tactics on how you should act when approaching someone that you would like to work with. The best way to create a relationship with someone could be as simple as taking them out for a cup of coffee.

I Keep “Buy em coffee” from this episode.

Episode 35 Peter Diamandis & Tony Robbins

Are you in search for the meaning of life? Would like to be part of changing the educational system of the world? Peter and Tony are masters at thinking big. No challenge seems to intimidate them. Peter has opened up space traveling to the public and Tony feeds 55 million people in one year. Listen to the episode by clicking the link.

I keep “Add Value” from this episode.

Episode 36 Alexis Ohanian

This co-founder of Reddit talks about how to start a start up, the importance of creating a good product, how you can stick out in the world by going above and beyond and the importance of asking the right questions.

I keep “Go above and beyond” From this episode.

Episode 37 Tony Robbins

Tony shares the details about his morning routines, cryo therapy, what he eats and how he gets pumped for each new day. He also talks about the four year long journey of writing his latest book “Money master the game”.

I keep “Be grateful” from this episode.

Episode 38 Tony Robbins

In this episode Tony gets into more detail of his book. Talking about investment the best strategies out there and the dangers of the investment industry. There’s also a part where Tony talks about him going toe to toe with president Obama, hilarious!

I keep “Go & experience”

Episode 39 Maria Popova

Maria talks about the psychology behind typos, how she take notes while listening to audiobooks and how she walks away with new patterns for her own writing after she’s read a book. It’s a fascinating episode.

I keep “Take notes” from this episode.


PS. Want to know more about Welcome to Insight you can check out my “Now” page.

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