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Wall of Insight – EP25. The Tim Ferriss Show: Interview of Kevin Kelly, Co-Founder of WIRED, Polymath, Most Interesting Man In The World?

Here’s the deal. I have challanged myself to listen to one episode per day of the Tim Ferriss Show Podcast. I take one thing that jumps out at me from each episode and I attach that to something I call the “Wall of Insight”.

Am I going to regret this challenge? This is the first time I question if it’s good for me or not. I’ve been listening to this very interesting episode where Kevin Kelly and Tim Ferriss goes deep. What worries me is that I now have a clock counting down as a screen saver. The countdown is the estimated time of my death. Thank you guys?!

You can have a listen to the episode by clicking the link :

Interview of Kevin Kelly

I keep “Free Countdown Timer” For my “Wall of Insight” from this episode. I have 14964 days and 22 hours left to live! 

If you want to know more about Welcome to Insight then have a look at my Now page.


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