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To learn how to live full, do this :

  • Find out what drives you.

  • immerse yourself into what ever it is you are about to learn.

  • Realize that decision is the ultimate power.

  • What is the defining factor to your failures?

  • Playfulness, creativity and emotion equals success.

  • Mindset is everything. Is this the start of something amazing or the end of something terrible?

  • It’s not about your goals, it’s about your needs.

  • You don’t form your target, you uncover it. It’s already there, you just have to see it.

  • The six needs are :

    1. Certainty (To much of this will make you bored).

    2. Uncertainty (We need variety in the form of problems).

    3. Significance (The need to feel special).

    4. Connection & love (Everybody needs it).

    5. Grow (Have something to give and you’ll grow).

    6. Contribute beyond yourself (Experience it, don’t talk about it).

Why should you explore your own personality? Why go deep and develop your inner self? So that what you give comes from the purest form of you.

And as you take off, make sure that you take other people with you. How do you do that? Give, give, give!

Nothing I just wrote came from me originally. I think I just channeled Tony Robbins. So pay a visit to www.tonyrobbins.com If you want the real deal. I’m just an explorer, trying to find insights.

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