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The Tim Ferriss Show, Episode 12: Dr. Rhonda Patrick

Tim Ferriss

I’ve reached the 12th episode of the Tim Ferriss Show challenge. I have committed to listening to one episode per day until I’ve gone through the whole series. In this episode Dr Rhonda Patrick is the guest. Now English is my second language and they are sometimes using words that I am not familiar with in this episode. I was very impressed by the level of knowledge from both Tim and Rhonda while listening to this episode. I have two alternatives that I would like to put on my “Wall of Insight” but since I am now a says “embracing routines” I will only pick one. You can listen to the episode by clicking the link :

Life Extension, Performance, and Much More

I keep “Exercise daily” For my “Wall of Insight” from this episode. I would like to put the vitamin shake on there but since I’m pretty sure I will include it to my lifestyle before this year has passed anyways I will let it slide for now.

When my Wall of insight is all done with it’s 260 words of wisdome on it, I will make a big canvas of it and hang it on the wall in our appartment. Good stuff for the kids to look at, I’m thinking!

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