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The Tim Ferriss Podcast, Ep 15: Neil Strauss, Author of The Game

Different day, same routine! One episode a day until I’ve killed em all! Today I listened to Episode nr15. Author Neil Strauss is the guest of this podcast. You can listen to it by clicking the link :

Neil Strauss, Author of The Game

I once recommended Neil’s book “The Game” to a college of mine. It completely backfired, ha ha! My friends Facebook site turned into a circus as he suddenly was showing all kinds of new sides of him self. Getting diamond earrings, new colorful shoes and the best one was when he decided to get himself photographed holding a cat while wearing this funny looking hat. Well just because you have the road map does not guarantee that you’ll reach the wanted destination.

My friend didn’t mind, he wasn’t having any luck with the ladies prior to the book and to be honest I don’t think he read the whole thing. But I’m sure him and his buddies had a good time while trying out the different techniques from the book.

I keep “Don’t accept the norms” For my “Wall of Insight” from this episode.

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