The Rapid Diary Tool

I develop and apply tools to implement new habits and routines. These tools are created by summing up philosophies and tips from successful people. I share the tools with my readers and friends.

I made two different layouts, pick the one you prefer.

I use this tool every morning to reflect over yesterday and how I can make today a little bit better. This is the perfect tool for what I’m trying to accomplish with my life. Which comes down to one simple formula in the end. I’m trying to make every day count by weeding out the bad and replacing it with better thoughts habits and routines. Tony Robbins has his variation of this tool and so has Tim Ferriss. There are physical copies of books with these kind of exercises on Amazon if you feel like spending money. I create tools that fits me personally and then I share them with you here on Welcome to Insight.

Here’s your free copy of the “WTI Quick Diary Tool” :

Rapid Diary Tool

The one below here is the one I use personally for the moment. It’s made in Open Office which is a free word software. You can just “Save as” all the months in a year before you start using it and you’ll have your own diary where you can do some serious personal growth from here on out :

Rapid Diary Tool (31 days)

Welcome to the road of constant improvement //B

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