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Success is the freedom to do what you love!

Your story, your journey, your hopes and your dreams!

Whatever you decide to embark upon. Make sure that it has the underlying thread of freedom. Live your life to the fullest and do what you want to do.

Let’s do a time travel. Go back to when you were a little kid. Somewhere in there lies your passion. What was it? Did you like to listen to music, play sports, draw, hang out with animals, swim, hike…?

Now let’s go even deeper. What kind of music did you like to listen to? What kind of animals did you like? Keep on digging my friend, enjoy the process!

When you find it I want you to write it down, so that you can look at it.

It is most possible that you’ve put that original fire aside since then. That’s what happens when we start working for the man. “The man” has his own dreams. He pays you to help him fulfill his vision, not yours.

We can end up spending our whole lives honing crafts that are not in line with our natural passions. Years go by and we forget why we’re doing what we’re doing. I’ve been there myself!

How can something like that happen? Someone tells you that it’s the right thing to do and you believe them. This might be the right thing to do for some people, but it wasn’t in mine!

How do you know if you’re on the right path?

By asking yourself simple questions like :

  • Why do I hate Sundays?

  • Am I happy?

But this post is not about quitting your job. It’s about rediscovering passion.

I’m reading up on and I listen to all these amazingly successful people now a days. They all seem to have this one thing in common, Passion!

Today’s “No Sweat” challenge is to find your dormant passions and bring them back to life. This is what you do :

Example nr1.

Let’s say that you used to love rehearsing with a rock band as a teenager.

  • Start playing the guitar for 20 minutes a day.

Example nr2.

You used to love to read books.

  • Start reading for 20 minutes a day.

Example nr3.

You used to have all these car posters on your wall, you were a fan!

  • It’s time to clean out that old garage my friend. Why not start tinkering with that old car?

I don’t think I need to go on. You get the picture.

Why should you do it?

You have one life, do what you love. Even if it makes some people look at you weird. Do what you love!

Let’s say you have 16 waking hours a day. The goal is to try to fill as many of those hours with passion, fire and drive. Not necessarily because you’re going to take over the world. But because you’re worth it!

Success is the freedom to do what you love!


PS. Want to know more about Welcome to Insight you can check out my “Now” page.

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