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I finished the book Siddhartha yesterday and I found it very inspiring. The story is about a man and his jorney through life. He goes out looking for Nirvana which he finally finds. Yes I just gave away the ending!

Siddhartha is one of those books where you can give away the ending of the book without risking to spoil it. The old saying “the journey is everything” most certainly applies to this book. And if what I just wrote is true than that means this also applies to life.

In this book Siddhartha leaves his home when he is young man. He start out his journey as a wandering beggar, a Shramanas. In this way of living he owns no personal possessions and is practicing intensive meditation for over three years with the other shramanas who lives in the forest. Siddhartha is a man who listens to everyone and everything but does not follow anyone. Even when meeting the famous Buddha he finds flaws in the enlightened ones teachings. Like a drop of water he is flowing through the river of life, learning, growing and constantly searching for answers.

It is a fantastic story with many levels of wisdom and I’m already looking forward to reading it again. 

Go out and get this book is my advice to you. Skip the TV for a couple of evenings and read instead, you wont be disapointed!

Let me know by leaving a comment what you think about the book!


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