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Routines that will kill your writers block in no time!

When I started Welcome to Insight I took on the challenge to write one blog post a day for a whole year. This decision was intentional since my main objective here is to study successful people, apply their habits and routines to my own life. It’s a self experiment. I’m curious to see if some off that drive and brilliance will rub off on me. All of the people that I look up to are writers of some sort. So I had to start writing.

I decided to take sabbatical year from life. It pushed me into writing. I had to document the experience somehow. To make things even worse I decided to write in my second language. Why? Most of my own heroes are English speaking. My first language is Swedish if you wonder.

Today someone asked me what I do to clear my head prior to writing. As it turns out my whole life these days is about preparing to write this one page blog post every day. I go through my day taking notes on everything I read and listen to. I only study things that goes in line with what I do at Welcome to Insight.

The information I digest during one day can look like this :

  • One episode of The Tim Ferriss Show

  • 2 Hours of audiobook listening (The Black Swan – by Nassim Taleb) is what I’m currently listening to.

  • I read three different blogs a day. (Derek Sivers, Seth Godin, James Altucher) are my favorite bloggers.

  • I listen to at least one motivational speech a day.

  • Then I read before bedtime 30min (Tools of Titans – by Tim Ferriss is my night time lecture.

Other routines which are helping me to stay focused :

  • Morning meditation 20min.

  • If I have something temporarily bothering me I do the “Writing Freely” exercise. I use this exercise to get rid of anxiety among other things.

  • Then I do my Rapid Diary. This helps me go through what I’m grateful for and I also use it to identify what words are circulating through my mind early in the morning.

  • Before I start writing my blog post I make a cup of coffee and then I’m ready to write.

  • If I still don’t know what to write about I open up the latest post of my “Wall of Insight”. That canvas where I store one gem from each episode is an amazing tool for finding inspiration,

A couple of tricks that frees my mind and improves my writing :

  • I try to write short sentences.

  • Skip the word “Very”.

  • I finish the article and then I hit the gym.

  • When it’s time to go through the text I usually delete the first part of the article. This routine prevents me from being self conscious when I start my writing session in the morning.

  • I also delete the last sentences of the post. It’s easier to finish up the article when you have this routine. It also makes the text better.

  • Finally I publish my article.

Here’s what the introduction text for this article was before I deleted it :

The inner journey of writing is something I’m exploring at the moment. I’m not going to pretend like I know what I’m talking about. I can only share my personal insights on the topic”. 

Hope to have you back tomorrow!


PS. Want to know more about Welcome to Insight you can check out my “Now” page.

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