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Research Now – Stop Smoking Red X Calendar

I develop and apply tools to implement new habits and routines. These tools are created by summing up philosophies and tips from successful people. By the end of every research I share movies & tools with my readers and friends.

When I decide to dive into a new research I kick this off with publishing a filled out Bucket List Tool, but when I decide to kick a habit I just go cold turkey. If I’ve made up my mind on what habit I want to break I immediately start using the “Buck it of Fuck it Calendar Tool”, like I did with smoking as you can see below :

I am no scientist and I don’t know why it’s working. But when I’d read about the Jerry Seinfeld method of staying productive I decided to start applying that method to all things that can be tough to achieve in life. The only thing I’m concentrating on is to get a beautiful unbroken chain of red crosses. When I decide o kick a habit, like this one which is nicotine. I always go for a whole year before I declare it a successful experiment.

I’ve had to many times in my life when I think I’m safe just to find myself smoking again a couple of weeks later. A year away from nicotine will be a round and even number.

Let’s say I would make a mistake. Maybe I’d have some drinks with some friends and then I’d end up puffing a cigarette that someone handed me. I would put a black X on the day of failure and then I would continue with the red the day after. I mean this is supposed to be the road of constant improvement not the road of perfection. I’ve decided to be nice to myself, because I deserve it!

Get your own free copy of the “Buck it of Fuck it Calendar Tool” by clicking the link. Let’s start kicking some nasty habits!

My body my temple!//B

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