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Research Now – Controlled Drinking Red X Calendar

I develop and apply tools to implement new habits and routines. These tools are created by summing up philosophies and tips from successful people. By the end of every research I share movies & tools with my readers and friends.

When I decide to dive into a new research I kick this off with publishing a filled out Bucket List Tool, but when I decide to kick a habit I just go cold turkey. If I’ve made up my mind on what habit I want to break I immediately start using the “Buck it of Fuck it Calendar Tool”. Here I’m getting in control of my alcohol consumption  :

Jerry Seinfeld uses the calendar method to stay productive. I use it every time I feel like changing a habit or a pattern in my life. I’m concentrating on getting a beautiful unbroken chain of red crosses. When I decide o kick a habit. This beautiful red chain will prevent me from being hung over for a year. Read about my wine experience that made me take this decision by clicking the link “Hopes or Hurts!“. I always go for a whole year before I declare something like this a successful experiment.

What happens  if I make a mistake? Maybe I’ll end up having some drinks with friends one night and I’d be drinking more than just two glasses of wine. I would put a black X on that day where I failed and then I would continue with the red the day after. Here’s the thing, I will have to write about my mistake here on Welcome to Insight. This will make me think twice. But after all this is supposed to be the road of constant improvement not the road of perfection. I’m not a military kind of guy, I like to cut myself some slack. Stuff does happen… But I promise that I will let you know when it does, ok?

Get your own free copy of the “Buck it of Fuck it Calendar Tool” by clicking the link. Let’s start kicking some nasty habits!

Leave a message, I want to know what habits you’re wrestling with… You can be anonymous if you want. I am!

Welcome to Insight!//B

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