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practice the art of visualization!

In today’s exercise we will practice the art of visualization.

The process of change starts with thought. Many people don’t even get passed this first step. Here’s how I’ve come to look at it. When you hear someone like Tony Robbins say “Take massive action!”, normal people like you and me think “Impossible!”. Then we go back to what we we’ve always been doing.

To dream is to take action. Thoughts are physical identities. If you need proof then just take action by moving one physical object in front of you right now. Take that glass or a pen. Move it just five centimeters to the right. That’s right, it all started with a thought.

Today I want you to open up that note pad on your smartphone or you can take out a pen and paper if you want to. You’re going to write down three simple points.

It could look like this :

  • I’m regularly going to the gym

  • I’m paying my bills on time

  • I’m smiling to the people around me

When you’ve done this I want you to put back your smartphone in your pocket. If you wrote a note I want you to put that note in a drawer that you regularly open. Now you can go back and continue what you’ve always been doing.

Whatever you think about this exercise, let me tell you something. That smartphone is now 100 times more valuable. That note in the drawer is now your personal coach. Believe it or not, you just took “Massive action” towards your own personal success. Trust the process, let the universe work for you. Do it!


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