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One top performer’s view on giving away the secret sauce!

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Today I’d like to do a little spin off on openness.

A friend of mine recently had his start-up information stolen and published on the web.

I once had the opportunity to work with a man named Ollie Olson. He is a top performer when it comes to mixing in the Swedish music industry. I picked his brain for the entire time we were working together. Asking about tips and tricks while he was working the mix board. He kept on explaining everything in detail and finally I had to ask him. If you are this honest about your craft all the time, aren’t you worried that someone will steal your ideas?

His answer was :
– You could ask me about everything I know and our mixes would still not sound the same. You are you… and I am me. In the end you have to make your own secret sauce if you want to be successful. It’s what’s inside of you that makes that special flavor.

It stuck with me and who do you think I called next time we had to do a mix?
That guy always goes “Above and beyond!”

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