This is what I’m doing right now

I’m moving from Sweden to New Caledonia.

Photo (B Johansson) Noumea 2017 Hike with my daughter!

In Sweden I was spending my days as a factory worker and my nights as a father, musician and husband for many years.

One day me and my family had enough of the rain and the cold. We didn’t want to do that anymore so we sold everything we owned and moved to this tropical Island outside the coast of Australia called New Caledonia. Yes, it is possible!

I’ve made some incredible changes in my life already. Every day I wake up with the feeling that anything is possible. This insight makes me curious.

What else can I change?

I’ve decided to make the most out of this move. I’m determined to leave my bad habits behind and become the best version of me that I can possibly imagine.

I decided to study successful people. their advice, routines, tips and tricks. I’ve been at it every dayfull time for about four months now. I try to implement the things I digest from my studies, into my own life.

It’s changing my life completely!

Here’s some of my achievements so far :

  • Workout is part of my daily routine these days. 6 days a week I do strength and endurance exercises that I’ve found through my research of the experts in this area. I’ve lost 12kg since me and my wife got married. I’ve learned a lot about the topic and still I feel like a beginner. It’s awesome!

  • I’ve been publishing one blog post a day for four months. I write even when I don’t know what to write. Four months ago this page would’ve taken me a week to write. In the beginning I was scared to share my opinions. Afraid of being judged. But then I stumbled upon stoicism and it helps.

    I mean, what’s the worst that can happen?

  • I’ve decided to get myself a mentor so I joined up with Ramit Sethi over at I’m going into my third week of the course ZTL. It’s definitely something I don’t regret doing. It makes me feel like I’m on productivity steroids. I’m thankful!

  • Right now I’m looking for like minded people out there in the world. I realize that what I’m going through is amazing and I feel like it would be a shame for me not to share it.

  • Welcome to Insight has given me the ability to say no. Since I decided to commit to this I’ve become extremely protective of my time. It has given me the power to only say yes to the things that I love to do. That old factory worker from Sweden doesn’t exist anymore. I haven’t worked one day since I started my WTI project. People pay me but only for things that I would’ve done for free. I’m excited!

  • Through my studies I have also find a method to kick other habits. I’ve stopped smoking and I took control over my alcohol consumption. I did so through a series of different techniques that I’d collected. To sum it up, I’ve learned how to gain control over my life.

My name is Björn Johansson. If there is anything that you’d like to me to share here on WTI or you just want to say hello you can do so under the contact menu.


I used to think that I would like to be anonymous on this website. Truth is that I’m sick of replying to spammers. I’m ready to have real conversations with real people.

My hope is that I’ll be saying thanks more times than please.

Welcome to insight & the road of constant improvement

Thank you!


PS. My now page is inspired by check it out it’s awesome!