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The coffee smells and tastes great this morning!

Every morning I get up at 4:30 am. For two weeks now I will actually get up at 5:00 am because the kids have vacation from school and that means that they sleep a little bit longer in the mornings. I love the early hours of the day where I can be all alone and mind my own business. I Start the day with 20 minutes of meditation, then I have a short diary session and finally I move on to writing this post. I’ve given myself one year to apply new routines in my life and delete old bad habits. That’s how Welcome to Insight came to be.

I’m really happy with the “Rapid Diary Tool” that I use every morning right after my meditation. Today I really came to appreciate the “words on my mind” section. Because when I do my daily meditation I realize that one or sometimes two different topics usually likes to circulate around the meditation. The Rapid Diary lets me get rid of those topics. It kind of resets me for the day that is ahead of me. I’ve also come to realize that the “Words on my mind” section is really entertaining to read when I later review my Rapid Diary. It’s amazing how something that seems really important today was not even part of my life two months ago.

I use the kind of meditation where I return to my breath. When a thought comes into my mind I acknowledge it and I then send it away on a soft fluffy cloud. And then my mind is empty again for a couple of seconds.

When meditating I used to sit on a yoga mat on the floor with my legs crossed. A couple of weeks ago however I started to realize how much of an effort it was for me to meditate in that kind of position so I did some reading about meditation. I read some texts by the Dalai Lama and I also came across an interview with Joshua Watzkin (Joshua was the young chess master who inspired the movie “Looking for Bobby Fisher”) and I decided to change my meditation posture. I now a days sit with my legs crossed in my soft sofa with a pillow behind my back to keep my back in a upright position. This makes me less strained and I feel like my sessions are getting deeper and deeper every day since I applied this change.

While meditating I place the tip of the tongue behind my upper two front teeth slightly touching the pallet. I intentionally let my breath be loud as I meditate. I’ve found that it’s easier to return to the breath if you can hear it. I sometimes imagine the breath being the waves stroking the rocks on a beautiful tropical island outside the coast of Australia, ha ha!

I’d love to hear about your meditation routines. Leave a message below. Thanks for reading!

If you want to know what Welcome to Insight is then go to the Now page and you’ll have a better understanding on what’s going on here.



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