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Make your life 1% better today, no sweat!

Today’s “No sweat!” challenge is to start writing a diary. I have been listening to a lot of success stories lately. There’s no doubt that the people behind those stories are keeping scores. Arnold Schwarzenegger was writing down everything concerning his diet and workout. Tim Ferriss writes blogs on his research and the list goes on. Everyone I have listened to keeps score of what is happening in their lives in one way or another. That’s how they polish their craft.

What we’re going to do is to set aside 10 minutes of our day for the diary.

At what time does most successful people write?

Some write as early as possible in the morning others during their workout and a bunch of them write before they go to bed. So my conclusion is that you pick the time that suits you best. Personally I start writing early in the morning when my kids are still asleep and my mind is clear.

What to write about?

Write about anything you want my friend. This exercise will take you on a journey. Some days you might feel like you’re lost, but let me assure you. You are doing the right thing for your self. This will eventually provide you with clarity of who you are and where you want to go.

My own diary routine is part of why I’m writing to you from a sunny tropical island instead of a rainy & cold Nordic country. I made up my mind through writing. I made lists of the pros and cons of selling everything and leaving friends and family behind. I wrote about fears, excitement and everything I could think about. Finally I was ready and I took the leap. Thanks to my diary I’m now in sunny New Caledonia.

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