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Looking for success? Do this!

  • Be the greatest version of your self by filling in the blanks :

    – This is what I believe, _______ and I’m willing to die for it.

  • Realize that where you are doesn’t matter. You are constantly growing, becoming something greater.

  • Don’t separate talent from skill. Work on your craft every day.

  • You excel by sickening work ethics. Work when they don’t.

  • Dedicate to becoming a little bit better every day.

  • Develop a character of steal, never give up.

  • Live with patience. Build your character, career and life one brick at a time.

  • Make sure that every brick you lay is laid as perfectly as a brick can be laid.

  • Your spiritual responsibility is to make every group you come in contact with better. If you’re not making someone else’s life better your wasting your time.

  • Represent possibility, give hope, anything is possible.

  • Be the first person that you know who believes it’s possible. Be different.

  • To be realistic is to set standards for mediocrity. As soon as you believe and say it’s possible, it is!

  • Your thoughts, feelings, ideas and dreams are physical in the universe. Don’t just which for change but demand that the universe becomes what you want it to be.

  • The power lies in decision. Decide how it’s gonna be, who you’re gonna be and how you’re gonna do it. The universe will then get out of your way because it’s like water, it goes around solid things.

  • You have to pick your theme, don’t spread out and then desperately focus on that one thing.

  • Start attacking your fears. That’s how you become the master of your fate.

  • The truth is the only thing constant. You can’t be afraid to die for the truth.

  • Success and happiness starts with the body. Get on the treadmill.

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