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Internet and stoicism – loneliness and depression

Loneliness can lead to depression and sometimes even premature death. What is happening to our world as we enter into an age where our relationships turn virtual?

One in five people suffer from loneliness. This means that one in five people suffer alone when they lose that job or go through that divorce.

Around me I see more and more people who paint their reality with only the best photos and stories. It might just be the results from us going public as a race. I don’t judge what I see, I think it’s interesting.

I even think that the whole Facebook trend with drinks on the porch, days on the beach and babies making funny faces could be a way for us to say : – If you don’t really know me, this is all you’ll ever get and if you don’t like it… Fuck off!

As a boy I had a hard time fitting in. I was really good at sports but not great at being social, at all!

If social media would’ve existed when I was a kid, I’d just post a picture of my dog and then I’d get back to being a nerd. It would’ve been easier for me to fit in. I think I would’ve been better off to tell you the truth. Looking back at my childhood it was almost like I was a Stoic doing self humiliating exercises on a daily basis. The problem was that I was missing the actual philosophy.

With that said. I don’t think that our world is falling apart because of internet. I don’t worry about the future. I think we’re much smarter than most of us think.

If I had a magic wand and I could go back and change something in my own childhood. I wouldn’t create instant worldwide connection for the eight year old me. But instead I would’ve replaced some of the material inside the classroom with philosophy. I know for sure that it would’ve made a big difference for me.

I think philosophy should be part of the curriculum from day one, what do you think?

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