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How meditation could destroy your self-destructive behaviour!

What is this reality that we’re experiencing?

The human senses are sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. These are the antennas that we use to gather information from our surroundings. Data which is transmitted as energy.

There are plenty of other types of energy around us that our human system can’t detect. Radio waves is one good example of this.

Our brains are divided in two sections, the left which is the “I am” part of our personality and the right which provides the “in the moment” part.

The energy which makes “You” are connected to everything around you “Right now” by gathering of the energy data of your surroundings. In this moment all is well. – Right brain

On the other side inside your scull lives the scientist, librarian and the analyst. Without this part of your human computer you would not be able to define where your body starts or your surroundings ends. You’d have no past and no future. – Left brain

When you sit down for your morning meditation and your mind starts to chatter. That’s your left brain going bonkers! Meditation is a way for you to let your inner Einstein rest for a while. The more quite your mind goes the more rest your inner scientist gets.

Have you ever had that moment where you feel like there’s no conversation just an amazing feeling of inner peace. Congratulation, you just let the right part of your brain be the captain for a while. Some might call this feeling euphoria or even Nirvana.

Meditation allows the right part of your brain to be the ruler of your life instead of just being a spectator. It will make you more compassionate, loving, understanding, flabbergasted, creative and amazed by the fact that you were given a life in the first place. It will destroy your self-destructive behaviors and provide you with more light than you’ve ever thought possible.

So I’m just going to walk around like some homeless hippie amazed by everything around me? My answer is no!

I say, use the left side of your brain to carefully plan out everything. Look for tools to make this process as simple as possible. Set up goals and then make sure your daily routines line up with those goals. As soon as you’re done, let go!

When you’re system is in place, you give it a test run. Let the right brain rule, be a creator and enjoy life. As often as you want you can give the scientist a call and let him have a look at the results of your current test run. Do we need an update or a small tweak somewhere? Are we going in the right direction? How long until we reach our desired destination?

Welcome to the road of constant improvement. Let me know your thoughts on this topic, leave a comment!


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