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How I’m going to write and get published in two languages at the same time!

This morning I read the latest article by Derek Sivers, it’s called : To hone your writing, hire a translator. When I was done reading it I deleted my own morning post for the first time since I started my Welcome to Insight writing challenge. I needed time to think…

When you pay a professional to translate your text you will think about getting rid of unnecessary words since they are usually paid per word. You can also take the opportunity to ask your translator how your original could be more clear.

This is the comment I left under Derek’s article :

Well hello there!!!

When I read your article “Ego is the enemy- https://sivers.org/ego” I was thinking to myself : – I wish Derek would write something I could use to improve my writing skills.

Now I know what Jack Black means with mind bullets!

I know that you’ll get like a thousand comments on this post. I’ll be thinking out loud here and I don’t expect you to answer this. Tim Ferriss talks about changing the way you look at things by asking yourself :

What if I did the opposite?

What if I write my story in English and then get it translated into Swedish by a professional?

That way I’d be able to see my second language texts through the eyes of an English native speaker.

I think I’m onto something because this really makes me feel uncomfortable. What if I don’t like my translated text? Which I paid money for, ha ha!

And here’s another problem. This means I will have to write something that has real value. Because my wife will kill me when I tell her that I’m going to pay someone for translating my crappy English texts into Swedish… Damn you Derek!!!

With that said, thank you Derek, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your posts.

I’m a fan!

So where am I going with this?

I later did tell my wife that I’m thinking about doing a new challenge here at Welcome to Insight but that it might cost a little bit of money this time. My wife and I are good friends and very supportive of one another. She did however suggest that I’d honor this challenge by taking it serious.

Here are the rules we agreed on for the challenge :

Both the Swedish and the English translations has to be accepted by established magazines for me to be able to call this challenge a success.”

If you have any suggestion on how I’m going to be able to accomplish this, then please leave your insights in a comment below. Right now I have no clue. But I do love a challenge!

Have a wonderful day, wherever you are!


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