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How I almost became a legend by writing freely!



So I have added another exercise to my morning routines. I have started to write freely before I start my morning meditation.

Maybe I’ll just start with a fast explanation to what is going on here. One year ago me and my wife had sold everything we owned. We had made up our minds, we were going to move to this French tropical island outside the coast of Australia called New Caledonia. I had quit my job and I did it with style. Thinking about how I quit my job I realize that it’s going to be tomorrows post actually. Because it’s one of those things that you just dream about doing. The fact that I had a ticket to the other side of the world in my back pocket when my boss started to threat me that he could fire me if I didn’t obey. It made me feel like Mike Tyson in his prime. Well that’s the cliffhanger for tomorrow, I can’t wait to tell you that story!

Today however I’ve decided to talk about the writing freely exercise I’ve decided to add to my morning routines. But first let me tell you how I first learned about it. It was September 15 2015 and I had been slowly awakening for the last couple of years. My wife was getting serious about moving to the other side of the world and I was preparing myself by changing my life style. The thing was that I knew I had to change because I wasn’t ready for a trip, not in the kind of shape I was in. I had some demons from the past haunting me and I needed to get rid of them before I’d be ready to make the move.

Demons? You say, that sounds serious.

I’m not going to tell you that it wasn’t, but at this time I was getting in control of my wild side. I still had hick ups from the past which could express themselves as drinking benders which started off as innocent dinner parties at someone’s house and then lasted for another 48 hours. Or sometimes they just turned into a black holes and I would wake up in a different town with 15 missed calls from my wife on my cellphone. How? I had taken the wrong train, fallen asleep and finally gotten thrown off at some random station along the line.

But at this time in September 2015, I had been really good for maybe a whole year. No black holes and no crazy train rides. Why? Because I’d been focusing on other things. I’d been planning for the future instead of being stuck in the whole “right now is a shit moment”. I’d been getting up early, meditating and I had been writing freely for a couple of months. I was listening to podcasts about finance, I’d been getting myself out of credit card debts. Hell I was even hauling my ass to the gym every morning before work. Me and my wife were happier than we’d ever been. I knew that it was because I was making an effort so for me there was no going back to what I used to do and be. I was on a mission and I was in it for life.

The writing freely was a tool that I’d found on Youtube. This guy named Scott who was some kind of entrepreneur was giving advice on his channel. I had nothing to lose so I decided to try it.

I took Scott’s advice to start writing as soon as possible in the morning. So I’d get up, do my bathroom routine and then I’d get to writing. In the beginning my writing was very dark. I would be emptying my souls hidden chambers of hate on to the paper where I was writing. The text was packed with swear words, dark memories and anxiety. I’d look at the text afterwards and just go… Wow!

So what you do is that you put the pen to the paper and then you just write. Let the pen go, don’t stop! Whatever word comes out on the paper is okay. No one is ever going to read this and you will probably never use the text that you are writing. Don’t bother to correct mistakes and do not erase anything from the paper. Keep on writing for 2-3 pages. I use the A4 size note books that you can buy at any store.

Writing freely changed my life. I cleaned up all the darkness inside of me with this exercise and I would not be on a paradise island today if I wouldn’t have used this exercise. I am forever thankful to Scott’s advice.

Why did I stop?

Hearing my story on how writing freely was such a big part of my change you might ask why I stopped? I actually asked myself that question as I listened to Brian Koppelman talk about it on the Tim Ferris Show podcast a couple days ago. I tracked the answer back to the 15th of September 2015. After a couple of months writing, meditating I was slowly starting to get a grip on what I really wanted out of life. I decided to do some research on Scott. I found that the young entrepreneur who had given me this amazing tool was named Scott Dinsmore. I also found out that he had built a community called “Live your Legend”. I was talking to my wife about it and I decided that I was going to sign up. So I did. The very second that I did though there was this pop up add on the “Live your Legend” website. The message read something like “Scott Dinsmore: In Memory Of The Greatest Living Legend Of Them All”. Scott had just died in a tragic hiking accident and I didn’t really know what to do with that information. So I decided to not get involved and it also put a dark cloud over the whole writing freely exercise. After a couple of months I decided that I would change routines and I kind of forgot about the procedure for a while.

But here I am. Almost two years later and I’m doing it again. I feel great and I’m thinking that maybe it’s time for me to say hello to the people over at “Live your Legend” again. I have no clue if they’re still up and running. I’ll get back to you guys on that one.

Thank you for reading this, lots of love!


PS. If you want to know what Welcome to Insight is you can read my Now page.

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