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I started to look at the documentary “Hawking” last night, but since it was getting late I decided to finish it up today.

Let me just make a note about the fact that I stopped the documentary and went to bed. I heard Dr Justin Mager talk about the importance of sleep in the Tim Ferris Show (Episode 3) a couple of days ago and it’s immediately started to sink in with me. I need to get closer to eight hours per night. Since listening to this one episode I have increased my average sleep per night with one and a half hour. I’m now up to seven, sometimes seven and a half hour per night.

Let’s get back to the “Hawking” documentary. Just by looking at the first 40 minutes I already had my insight for the day. If Stephen Hawking can be excited, positive and find humor in and about life… So can I!

This man who is stuck in a wheelchair has had the threat of death hanging over him daily for the past two decades. Along with the documentary he is telling the story of his life with his computerized voice. He is saying that he has decided to make every minute as special as possible. Wow!

When I decided to take one year off to get rid of as many bad habits as possible by studying successful people and their routines. I never thought that one of my biggest insights would come from a man in a wheel chair. But Stephen Hawking has already made a great impact on me and I have only known him for 40 minutes. I know he has written books, been in documentaries and I can’t wait to dive in to the life and work of this powerful soul.

So if I could leave you with something for today it would be to have a look at this amazing documentary called “Hawking”.

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