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Got grit? The reset of a lifetime!

So I’ve found a place in the world where I can work in peace. The funny thing is that I had to go to the other side of the world to find the right setting. It’s a French tropical island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and it’s called New Caledonia. I have no relatives or close friends here.

I have no incoming phone calls on my smart phone anymore. There are maybe five people on this island who has my new number and they are either friends to my wife or the teachers of my kids.

When I moved here I got myself a new e-mail address. There are no old addresses in my contact list. No one can steal my attention by sending me an urgent e-mail these days. So the only messages I get are from the blogs that I follow. They serve as my link to and inspiration from the “real world”.

The only contact I have with my old friends is through my Facebook account. I have over 800 “friends” on Facebook, yet only 30 of them are regularly posting.

I have opened Welcome to Insight profiles on Instagram and Twitter. On these profiles I only add people I’m interested in following. I don’t follow back and all that good stuff. I am answering comments though. I’m mostly observing and learning for the moment. If I realize that I don’t want to follow someone I just press the unfollow button. The thing is that when you are doing a life reset like the one I’m currently doing. No one gets upset at you for unfriending them on social medias, because they don’t know you. It’s like I’ve paused my old life and I’m carefully building an alternative one right next to the old one. It’s an interesting experience.

So this leaves me with a rather open schedule to take care of my kids, spend time with my wife and then experiment with Welcome to Insight. There’s no hidden agenda with this site. I’m just pressing the reset button on my life and sharing what’s happening while doing it. 

I’m following advice from successful people and I find that it’s sometimes a lonely road, but maybe I haven’t gotten to the part where they tell you what to do when you’re not working, ha ha! I do think that it will take grit to keep this up for a whole year. It will be the ultimate test to see if I can keep on going without trying to do any crazy stunt to get attention. Right now it feels like I’m about to throw in the towel on this experiment, so today I’m asking myself :

I’m getting closer to the truth here!

If you want to kick a habit or add a new routine to your own life you can have a look at my tools site. I share my tools for change there. The secret lies in these simple tools. Have a look and let me know what you think.


PS. Read more about Welcome to Insight on my now page.

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