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From dream to reality, no sweat!

Number eight of my “No Sweat” challenge!

Today we’re going to go for our dreams.

You are talking about things that you want to do. You talk about these dreams to your friends or partner but there is something holding you back.

You know what that something is? Statistics!

There are data out there saying that change in behavior in these matters are 9 to 1 against you. Even if you’re facing something life threatening. Think about that. Someone gets a recommendation from their doctor, do this or die. They don’t do it!

So knowing this actually increases your chances to change your behavior. Because now you know that it will take more than just thoughts for you to accomplish a goal. You actually have to do something about it, otherwise you will be part of the statistics.

Here’s what you do :

See it, believe it and then train your brain to execute your vision.

  1. Make a drawing in your note book. The drawing should represent where you are right now

  2. Then to the right of this drawing you make another drawing. This one should represent your dream life.

Our memories are stored in pictures and that’s why this exercise is so powerful. I talk about the functions of the brain in the article “Be the pilot”.

What we’re going to do here is to deliberately avoid the left part of the brain to interfere by letting ourselves use our imagination. The left side of the brain is the scientist & the right part is the dreamer. Right now we need to let lose the dreamer. Let the right drawing be as wonderful as you can possibly imagine. Give yourself that car, the mansion, the fulfilling job, the beautiful husband or wife, the big family, the pool, the private jet. Don’t be a minimalist when you dream (Unless if that’s actually what you want your life to look like!). This is your chance!

When you finally have your future drawn out on paper, you start filling it out with beautiful colors and emotion. When your making this drawing come to life. Let yourself feel everything you’re living in your dream life. Allow it to touch your soul.

When you are done we will finish up with three bullets for you to do. Now you’re going to let your brain guess how to get from reality to dream.

Sit down and have a good look at your dream drawing. Close your eye and let your brain give you it’s best guess on how to get from a to b :

  • See it

  • Believe it

  • Act on it

Just do it!

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