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Forbearance my friend!



Wee-wee check, brushing teeth check, brewing coffee check, meditation check, quick diary check, soft relaxing music in headphones check. Bonus today is that I have got a little boy who sleeps next to me on the sofa and that fills my heart with love. So I’m pretty sure that today is going to be one of the best days ever.

Yesterday was one of those days that just blew my mind. I have been reading, listening to podcasts and writing journals for almost five years now. It all started one day way back when I had an argument with my wife. She was fed up with the life that we were living, she wanted change and I was afraid. My argument for not making any rash decisions was :

  • House, loans, car, family, work, kids, friends… What we need is a dog I shouted!

    While I was trying to persuade her to come to her senses with all my might she gently tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at the window. The rain was coming down in sheets, it was mixed with snow and the wind was gruesome. I stopped and I said :

  • You’re right!

    We hugged for a minute in that big kitchen that we’d both fallen in love with some years earlier. This kitchen was the reason why we’d bought the house in the first place. It had an open fire place and a wood burning iron stove. The rest of the house was too big for us we’d later realized. The garden was 32290 square foot and in it self it stole about 7 hours of my life every week. That was just me cutting the grass and keeping the weeds away. In winter it would be me and the snow shovel instead. I decided in this moment that we would sell everything and move to a tropical island.

    Why a tropical island?

    It had started as a little idea, then it became a vacation trip, then it turned into a dream and now it was becoming reality. My wife has her roots on this island and that’s also why it’s pulling us.

    But I knew that I had to change, because I wasn’t ready. One might think, just sell your stuff and leave. But I had to change from the inside out. My arguments for staying was rooted in my upbringing and in my culture. That’s when I started Welcome to Insight for the very first time. It was a line that came out on a piece of paper in my little study room. Then it became a folder on my laptop and now it’s a website where I go public with my methods. I wonder what it will be tomorrow?

Here’s the thing. When I started reading books and listening to podcasts I didn’t collect information about New Caledonia. I started to collect ideas on how to be happy and let go of ego. I read everything from the stoics to Tony Robbins and whatever I could find in between. I did start to change, I felt it and my wife noticed it. Today it’s so apparent that sometimes when we both look we laugh about the things I used to do and say. I still have a long way to go but now a days the journey is more lite. I don’t carry that much weight in my heart anymore. I left it in those files in the “Welcome to Insight” folder on my laptop.

So now when I shared that. I would like to tell you about this experiment that I started a couple of weeks ago. I’ve decided to make an experiment with the law of attraction. So many people are talking about this right now that I feel it would be wrong of me to now do it. I already started to implement a part of this experiment to my meditations in the morning and you will be able to follow the progress of this experiment under the Tools menu. The experiment will be about creating money through some sort of passive income. With the power of will only! I will however have a roof for how much money I can make before I have to give everything away. Long story short : Everything I make above a certain amount of money will go to charity. So let’s say I would become a billionaire from this experiment. Then there will be some very happy charity raisers out there, ha ha!

I will make a Research Now of this and place it under the Tools menu as with everything else.

Why I feel like I have to share this right now is because yesterday I had an idea on this topic. It was like all these years of reading words from all those smart people finally made sense. If I succeed with this experiment then you know what’s coming up next. There will be a tool that you can use to make the same happen for you.

This has to be my best experiment so far, ha ha!

This will demand some patience on both mine and your part but I will continue as long as it takes with this experiment.

Forbearance my friend! //B

Ps. There will be a new quick diary tool coming up later today.

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