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Searching for my voice!

Today I’ve decided to share my thoughts about my search for my Welcome to Insight online identity. I have signed up for different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. However I currently feel like all of the channels are nothing but a waste baskets.

My Facebook page is totally dead. The reason is simple. I am being anonymous as a creator here on Welcome to Insight so I can’t invite any of my friends to join. I prefer to continue like this, I want this site to be about the work. Not about me personally. I’m just “B”.

I’m new to twitter and I don’t really understand why anyone would like to follow me there, unless I could find a way to create amazing short headlines that hypnotizes people and tricks them into clicking the link to my morning diary blog. Yes and then what? This is just a diary written by some dude who is trying some stuff out. Who cares, ha ha!

Youtube however, this is a place where I might be able to connect with some new people. What am I basing this on? The fact is that I like to browse that channel myself. It’s a great way to discover ideas etc. This will mean that I have to learn how to make videos. But if this is the best idea I can come up with on how to find some like minded people in the world then this is what I’ll do. I don’t think this year will be half as much fun if I don’t find some people out there to interact with. Ok, that settles it!

Youtube will be the channel where I will concentrate my efforts from now on. The before clip adds could be a way for me to make my passive income Law of attraction experiment happen. (I will update my Research now with this experiment later on today, under the Tools Menu.)

I don’t want people to have to pay for anything here on my website. I don’t really like to have adds on my blog. When ever I end up on someones blog and I get bombarded by pop up adds and flashing sex tips, I usually get the fox out of there a.s.a.p myself. But I don’t mind the little trailer in the beginning of a video that I watch.

Note/question to self :

You did set up an experiment with passive income a couple of weeks ago. For the first time since then this is actually an idea of how to create an income without charging your viewers or readers. Is these new thoughts part of that experiment?

How interesting!

Now I would love to hear your ideas on social media channels. Leave a comment!

Go find your voice!//B

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