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For me yesterday was fantastic. I outsourced my first thing ever. I read this article where Derek Sivers interviews Tim Ferriss. Tim has written a really good book which is called “The four hour work week”. I’ve read the book and the thought of outsourcing has been marinating for a couple of years now. Well when I came across this article something clicked and I just did it. I went to this website called and I hired a woman from Greece who specializes in photoshop and she edited my pictures in 1 fourth of the time that I usually do. I went to bed and when I woke up the work was done! This is her passion and she takes great pride in her work. For me editing is a time consuming task that sometimes drives me to procrastinate. Not any more, ha ha! Here’s the link to the article with Derek and Tim :

Derek & Tim

I recommend anyone of you reading this to experiment with outsourcing. It really opened my eyes and one day later I have a feeling that there is something in this that will change my life forever. Right now I don’t know how but when I figure it out. You know I’ll be sharing it with you here on Welcome to Insight.

A couple of days ago I wrote that I was experimenting with the law of attraction. The rules are already set around this experiment and I have been doing it every morning for about two weeks now. I will post it as a “Researching now” under the Tools menu. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ve been too busy working on the constant improvement part.

Later today I will also post the Tool that I use to successfully stop smoking and which will help me not to get hungover for a whole year, woop woop!

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