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Eliminate the bad, say yes to the good. no sweat!

What kind of people are you influenced by.

I’m not talking about the people that you look up to. But the ones that has the honor to invade your mind on a daily basis.

Today’s exercise is to observe the people around you for a whole day. I want you to take mental notes. Who are the people you’d want to spend more time with? Who do you want to spend less time with? Is there someone who should be cut from the team?

Being aware of the people that surrounds you is a tool that will make your life richer in many ways.

I don’t recommend telling someone you don’t like to stay away. But instead I would encourage to tell someone you do like that you appreciate them. Give it a try today, share some love… I dare you!

This is “The road of constant improvement” in it’s true form. You eliminate the bad by saying yes to the good. By inviting good people, routines and habits you’ll eliminate both space and room for the negative.

When it’s time to make a decision in your life. Pick the one that feels right.

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Walk with the light!


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