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Deep inside lies the truth

This morning I didn’t know what to write. I opened up my “Wall of Insight”. I looked at the image for a couple of seconds. I saw the insight that I took with me from the episode with Kevin Rose. One word, “Honesty”.

Next problem, how do I write something honest?

I’ll tell you one thing that I know is true. I used to work at a nursing home for troubled teenagers. Crime, drugs, sexual abuse or brain damage were common reasons to why these kids ended up at that place. I was one of the guys who where trusted to handle these kids. My job was to get them on the right track.

I was doing a good job. The kids loved me. I understood them. I know why they loved me. I had been in their shoes. One mistake I did was that I didn’t tell any my colleges the truth about my own life. In a way I was lying about who I was.

Sometimes I could have a major breakthrough with one of the teenagers, but I couldn’t explain exactly why and how it’d happened. Because I hadn’t been completely honest from the get go. Sometimes all you need to hear when you’re in trouble are these four sentences :

  • I know what you’re going through.

  • I’ve been there.

  • This is what I did.

  • You’ll be alright.

I remember this one kid. He was really cool and nice. He just loved those drugs to much and he could become extremely violent when someone tried to tell him what to do. We connected in a good way. I shared my insights and I listened to his. I walked with him to school for nine months, did homework, taught him how to wash his clothes, cook his food and then he finally graduated. I was so proud. So was the social worker who was representing him. This young kid meant good statistics.

After his graduation my young friend got his own apartment and naturally our relationship got put on hold. Six months later he was dead. He’d gotten himself mixed up with the wrong people. He’d scored some drugs from them and then he decided to hang himself. It all happened over night. If he told anyone that he had drug problems again they would take his apartment from him. He had to lie about who he was and decided he couldn’t live with that.

I decided that the nursing home model wasn’t for me. So I quit and I’m never going back. If I’m going to help anyone from now on it’s going to be on my terms.

My young friend is a big reason why I started this blog.

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Stay honest!


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