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Deep enough… the storm can’t reach you!

Are you about to hit that wall?

Remember that every wall usually has a door. Look for that door. If you don’t find it, make one. Another tactics is to sit back and embrace the pain. Let it sink in. Don’t be afraid of it. You can use it as fuel to reach the next level.

This article is for the ones who struggles with depression or just unwanted lows. Do you feel me? Then keep on reading. If you don’t? See you tomorrow!

Get into the habit of meditation. Read the post about how to get 2% better today.

Why meditate?

It will make you less distracted and more mindful.

Why do I have to be mindful?

When you hit those lows you need to be clear enough to recognize what is going on.

Example :

Let’s say that the clouds are getting darker. You know the feeling. Life kinda sucks for no reason. It’s just a temporary imbalance. Just know that it will pass. Here’s a list with three bullet points for you :

  • Hit the gym : Keep the gym bag packed. If you have the time then go!

  • Go for a walk : Always have a good audioobook downloaded on your Iphone. Take a walk. Listen to something good while breathing that delicious air.

  • Eat a fruit : One thing that often happens when one hit a low is that we turn to food. Make sure that you have fruits in the fridge, not cookies. Sugar is a quick fix but tend to lead to even more anxiety in the long run.

These are just three simple emergency strategies that I personally use. I have several more in my toolbox. Leave a comment if you want more of these examples!

Today I want you to make your own bullet list. The secret lies in being prepared when the storm strikes. Your list should consist of things that you enjoy doing.

What strategies do you use? Leave a comment…


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