Buck it or Fuck it calendar Tool


These tools are created by summing up philosophies and tips from successful people. 

Here’s your free copy of the “Buck it or Fuck it tool” :

Buck it or Fuck it Tool

I use this tool whenever I want to kick a bad habit or whenever I want to implement a new improved habit or routine in my life. I’m currently using it to stop smoking, to drink less wine, to get to the gym six days a week and to stick to my intermittent fasting diet.

The rules are simple and are directly copied from the method Jerry Seinfeld use to stay productive. You print your copy of the calendar and put it somewhere where you can see it. For every day that you’re successful with whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish you get a red cross on your calendar. The goal is to not break the chain!

Download, print and make that change!

Welcome to the road of constant improvement //B

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