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Become the pilot of your life – No Sweat!

You have a built in simulator. It’s located in the front of your skull and it’s called the prefrontal cortex. When we talk about “the power of visualization” this is the actual computer that runs that system. It makes it possible for us to live through an event just by visualization and imagination.

This part of the human brain started to develop 2 000 000 million years ago. It’s what took us out of the caves into condos with bubble baths and champagne.

Scenario nr1

Let’s say a typical airline pilot goes through about a month of simulator training before he/she can fly on the line. They also have about 1000 hours of flying experience as pilot-in-command before they even get to this point. Plus an additional two weeks of systems and operations training. These simulator hours keeps this pilot from making mistakes in real life.

Scenario nr2

Now imagine yourself standing up on a high building. No safety ropes, no jet pack and no wings. Imagine jumping! Oh my god, the butterflies in the belly! You’re desperately trying to get some kind of lift by spreading your arms out like a giant bird. Newtons law does it’s thing. Pavement approaches. Splash! Gone!

You just visited your own “Prefrontal cortex simulator”. You now have an understanding of what jumping off of a high building could be and feel like. This kind of simulator also keeps you from making mistakes in real life.

Now when we know what our prefrontal cortex does. We’re going to start using it. The readers challenge of today is to get an empty note pad. It could be physical one or a file on your computer, you decide. For 20 minutes every day you’re going to take notes of what a successful environment would look like to you. This is finally going to turn into a story about yourself. It’s about 10 years from now and you’re living the life of your dreams. Let your imagination free. Go for the extreme!

This is your chance to become the pilot of your own life, take it!

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