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Be like old wine, old friends, old authors!

One day when I’m old and gray. My body wont be as strong as it used to be. The visits I get from family and friends are far apart and I’ll be spending a lot of time on my own. They say that you should learn from other peoples mistakes. So I’ve decided to do a case study.

What can I learn from other peoples mistakes :

I’ve watched my brother kill himself with painkillers and anabolic steroids. The autopsy report was not a pretty read. His body was done. At 47 years old he was dead. Two little girls were left behind. Their mother is doing her best to give these two girls a future.

What can I learn? : Stay away from pills!

A couple of years later my mother passed away. She was 74. Cigarettes was the cause of her death. She expressed extreme anxiety by the end. She wanted to be here. To see her grandchildren grow up. But her lungs were damaged. By the end it was like she was breathing through a straw.

What can I learn? : Don’t smoke!

My father is still alive but when I talk to him it’s like he is dead inside. His brain is no longer registers names and he has no perception of time anymore. He started using alcohol when he was 13 years old and he never really stopped. The things he’s done as a side effect from his drinking habits could fit in a horror movie/thriller. Today he is however harmless. He’s a prisoner in his own body. Constantly tortured by memories from the past.

What can I learn : Don’t drink!

My family history has given me a mantra that I’m constantly coming back to when I’m fighting my own weaknesses. It’s :

The madness stops here!

I’m sending this message to that old man which is me somewhere in the future. Stay strong old man. I hope you’re still doing your morning meditation. Make sure you’re passing on that torch of love!

No regrets!


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