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Asking the right questions makes my job really easy

There comes a point in your life. When it’s time for you to stand on your own two feet. Up til that point you’ve had people guiding you on how, what and why. From this moment forward it’s up to you. It means that no one is going to take any of the hard decisions for you. A lot of people might try to tell you how they think that you should live your life. But in the end it’s up to you.

With that said. I’m going to ask some questions and I’ll let you come up with the answers. Then you decide what decisions you need to take. This makes my job really easy. 

  • Do you believe in yourself and what you’re doing?

  • What are the things you do that you’d rather not?

  • If you do things that are not you then who are you?

  • Are you driven by yours or someone else’s expectations?

  • What are you doing and where do you think it will it take you?

  • If you become what you study, what do you currently read?

  • Do you have 10 minutes to invest in yourself? 10 minutes of reading per day adds up to 12 books a year.

  • Let’s say that you are the sum of the 5 closest people around you. Who are you spending your time with?

  • Are you reaching out to the people you’d love to be around?

  • Do you feel successful?

  • Are you writing your goals down?

  • Could you come up with 20 ideas to solve your biggest problem right now?

  • Would you be able to write those solutions down?

Feel free to write some of your insights in the comments. I’d love to hear your take on it!

Have a wonderful day


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