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A successful experiment!

Today there’s no wind outside the window of my apartment. Noumea is quite. It’s Friday morning and I got out of bed 4:30am. I get up this early these days because I’m excited about my life and I can’t wait for it to start. It wasn’t always like this. I used to hate getting up in the morning. I’m not saying that I never go through lows these days, I definitely do. But now a days I know how to bounce right back up again.

I spend my days looking for insights. When I find something I like, I share it here on Welcome to Insight… This is my personal lifestyle experiment. I’m taking one year off from life. I’m looking to see how much I can change. I’m studying successful people, their routines and habits and then I implement their strategies into my own life. You can read more about this on my Now page.”

I have been doing my experiment for a over two months now. In this post I’m going to freestyle about what these two months has given me so far.

The fact that I decided to take a sabbatical year has given me a lot of time to spend with myself. I don’t see that many people except for my kids and my wife throughout my day. There is a reason for my behavior. I know how I am around humans. I have a hard time saying no. This retreat into privacy is a conscious decision. I’m staying away from the temptation of getting sucked into projects that are not in line with what I do here on Welcome to Insight.

In a way I pressed pause on my life. A life that was filled with a big amount of stress, work, cigarettes, alcohol, soft drugs and worry. My biggest fear when I decided to do this sabbatical was that my life would somehow blow up in my face. It hasn’t, not yet anyway!

How do I feel about my life today two months into this experiment? I feel like I’m on a beautiful sailboat in the middle of the ocean. No wind, no clouds just calm!

A day in my life :

I’m up early in the morning, clock always goes of at 4:30am. I do the Rapid Diary, then I write this daily blog post, I make a little quote for my Instagram account, make breakfast for the kids, take the kids to school, go to the gym where at the same time I listen to audiobooks and podcasts, an hour later I come home read through this daily post, publish it on Welcome to Insight, Start preparing lunch while listening to more lifestyle & personal development material, pick up the kids, have lunch, drive the kids back to the school, back to the apartment where I dive into some sort of creative session (music, writing, photo, video etc.), pick the kids up at school, take the kids on some sort of activity (hike, park, beach, bike ride etc.), back to the house, dinner/shower/homework/bedtime, hang out with my wife or read books, good night. Then I wake up and do it all over again!

I try to keep my days within this schedule, the activities within the schedule might vary but the structure is the same.

I’ve also developed some tools that I experiment with along with my daily routines. These tools are currently helping me to quit smoking, control my alcohol consumption, get to the gym and eat healthy. The cool thing about these tools I’m using is that I’m experiencing great results. My current weight is now 76 kilos and last time I was at this weight was over 12 years ago. When me and my wife got married 7 years ago my weight was 90 kilos. I do have some before pictures prepared for when I reach my goals. But that article will be bigger and I intend to work on it more thoroughly than I do with these daily posts. I know I’m on to something here. I both see and feel the change I’m going through and it’s good!

If you’re curious about some of the details of this experiment you can leave a comment and I will write about it in one of my daily posts. Thank you for dropping by.

Lots of love from New Caledonia!


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