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A day in my life at the “Zero to Launch” Community!

Today I’d spend my morning interacting with my new friends over at the “Zero to Launch” community. ZTL is an online course presented by internet Guru Ramit Sethi. I study successful people here on Welcome to Insight, so I decided to sign up for a course by a successful person. Today I’ll share my first encounter with the members of the ZTL community. Hope you like it!

Here’s my introduction post to their Facebook site :

  • Hello everybody!
    My name is Björn Johansson. Me and my wife decided to sell everything and move from Sweden to a tropical island called New Caledonia it’s located outside the coast of Australia. I’m currently turning down several job offers from my new friends on this beautiful island. They are so nice and generous with their offers, they just want me and my family to settle in nicely here.

    I tell them that I’m starting an online business and when they ask what I’m planning to do, I say :

    I don’t know yet, ha ha!

    I feel like a teenager all over again telling my dad that I don’t want to have an ordinary job, because I’m going to be a rock star!

    I’m looking forward to learn from all of you guys and if anyone needs help with some feedback, feel free to PM me!

    Have a good one!

Comment from Tim :

  • That’s awesome, “B”! I wish to move to Malta with my family one day, but I wouldn’t dare take the leap before I really get my online business rolling. I envy your courage!

My answer to Tim :

  • It’s funny that you say that Tim. I prepared for this move for three years. I mean I was scared shitless! Pardon my French!

    I had a lot of internal stuff that I had to overcome before making this move. I was procrastinating with kicking bad habits like drinking a bit to much, nicotine and eating unhealthy.

    I knew I had to change those things, because I couldn’t let my past be a threat when stepping off that plane. I have two kids and a wife that needs to feel safe.

    It totally changed my life. Mostly on the inside to be honest. I highly recommend this for you and your family.

    But enjoy the process my friend, the planning part can be a lot of fun too.

Comment from Ginger :

  • Woohoo! I love this. Congrats and thanks for sharing. A question to ponder: Do you notice anything that you do easily, maybe even take for granted since its so easy for you, that you see people or businesses on the island struggling with? You inspire me! I’ve wondered for a while about moving to another place where there are way fewer people who know what I know. Keep us posted!

My answer to Ginger :

  • Hello Ginger!

    Here’s my take on that. I left a place (Sweden) where everyone knew me. I was stuck in this role of being… me!

    When I moved to this new place I decided to push the reset button on who I was.

    I stopped doing what I knew was bad for me or I didn’t enjoy,

    (Smoking, drinking, not eating right, freezing my butt off etc.) .

    I decide to go for the things that felt like a “Hell yeah!” instead,

    (Gym, Beach, Intermittent fasting, reading books, blogs, hiking, photo, music, film, sound, light),

    There are so much talent on this island. I am blown away!

    For everything I thought I was good at, there are several people in that same field who are way better than me. They literally blow me out of the water!The difference though is that most of these people do it because they have to.

    I do it because I love to!

    I’m being very selective when someone wants me to help them out. One of my biggest weaknesses is that I don’t know how to say NO.

    But knowing your weakness is a strength!

    My two main focuses right now is to help my family with their lives and to figure out what to do and focus on my own development. Everything else will be a NO for the rest of the year!

    I look at the freelance stuff I do as a hobby!

    I definitely recommend you go testing your skills somewhere else. Make sure you’re doing it out of curiosity!

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