Him & Her

A bird in a cage

It’s a Thursday afternoon. The apartment they live in is not very big.


He, is writing this post.

She, is at work.


Earlier today they had a discussion.


He, wanted to give her a chance to open up her heart.


– Let me know what you have on your heart, he said.


She, almost told him something that could mean the end of their relationship.


He, had to stop her before she got to it…

(Just like in the song “Don’t speak” by No doubt, he thought to himself).


She, had been hanging out with her “best” friend yesterday.

Now she suddenly wanted to be free… again.


He, was too afraid to hear her whole story. He had to cut her off. He needs more time, he’s not ready yet.


She might tell him that she will choose her friends and the nightlife from here out and that he can take it or leave it… He has to buckle up before he lets her crash their 15 year long life story.


She doesn’t know that he’s also starting to doubt his feelings about her at this point


He, is thinking about giving up.

She is playing a very dangerous game.


She is thinking about being free from his anger.

He tries to act normal and not cause any more damage!


He wants her to love him.


She wants him to understand that there is love for him in her heart. After all he is the father of her two children. But when he asks about passion. She has no good answer at this moment and that scares her.


She doesn’t want to be a single mother.

He shouldn’t have snapped.


She needs his support in her life but she’s also fed up with the bondage of their marriage.

He is desperately trying to give her the freedom she needs. At the same time he realizes that it might mean that she will never come back.


He’s failed to realize it until now.

She’s like a bird in a cage.


This gives him a new insight :

  • There are a lot of cages out there in the world, for what good are they?


He loves to be inside her cage. It’s made by firm rules about not drinking too much and keeping it real, It keeps him safe.

She suffocates inside his cage. It’s too small and not exciting enough.


Will he have the courage to let her fly away?

And what about this guy?


Let’s find out!


My name is Björn & Welcome to Insight.

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