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The Tim Ferriss Show, Episode 11: Sam Harris

Oh nooo! I’m torn, I just realized that the episode I listened to earlier today is not nr11 in the series. I have been listening to episode nr12 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick instead. Oh the obsessive thoughts… I’m looking up episode nr11 at the I tunes store it’s only 25 minutes long. Honey, I’ll do the dishes!

(See how this stuff is making my family life better!)

Hold on my friends, I will be right back. You can listen to the episode by clicking the link. I’ll be doing the dishes and listen to the episode at the same time. That’s the way I roll these days :

Drugs and the meaning of life

Back on track, dishes done! Sam Harris is a PhD in neuroscience and in this episode he talks about drugs. Both the good trips and the bad ones.

I’ve given myself a challange to listen to all the Tim Ferriss Show episodes, one a day. And then I take one thing with me from every episode. From this episode I will attach the words “Been there done that” to my “Wall of Insight”. I agree with Mr Sam Harris and what he says. Good episode, he also has an amazing book out there that I would like to recommend. It’s called “Waking up”.

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