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The worcaholic gene!



Yesterday was a reminder of what my life used to look like. I realized how easy it would be to go back to my old routines. All my life I’ve been keeping myself busy with work. It never really matter what kind of work, just as long as it kept me busy.

I had promised to help a friend who owns an entertainment company here on the island. I would help him prepare the sound and light for a big party down by the sea. There was going to be everything from a fashion show, to live performances up on the stage. It was outdoors so that means big speakers, a lot of lights, smoke machines and all that good stuff…

I love to do these kind of things so for me this is not work. This is a way for me to hang with friends, create an ambiance for people and to be honest it is good to get a break from the road of constant improvement every now and then. We might even have a beer by the bar when everything is set up.

I get up early to do my meditation and my morning post and then off I go to my friends storage room, we start loading his van with speakers and lights. Tonight it’s a big party so we’re going to do a couple of trips with the van to get everything we need. We’re having a jolly good old time and we’re setting everything up beautifully. 6-7 hours later we’re almost done with the set up and it’s only early afternoon.

So far so good and then the phone rings. It’s my wife and she wonders if I can do a photo shoot for one of her friends who is an artist on the island. I look around and I realize that we’re way ahead of schedule so I’m not going to let my wife down. We decide that my wife and her friend will pick me up in an hour.

Just when it’s time for me to leave to do my second job for the day, my friend with the entertainment company comes and thanks me for the effort with preparing the party. Now he only wants me to do him just one more favor today. I say okay, what is it? Can you please come by later tonight and take some pictures of the party? We don’t have any photographer and it would be a shame not to document this wonderful setting. The sponsors has asked my friend to bring a photographer to the party. My friend knows that I have a camera and that I can take pictures so automatically said, off course!

I know that I can say no but that means that there will be no pictures taken of this beautiful setting and what if my friend is going to be disappointed? And suddenly the old workaholic “B” is back. This is great I’m thinking! I am really important to all these people so of course I will say yes. I’ll be back tonight I say with a smile.

So I run off to my first photo shoot of the day and I take some beautiful pictures of these two Island artists. We’re doing some different settings for the photo shoot, booth outdoors and indoors. When we’re done my wife tells me, it would be great if you could deliver the pictures later tonight because it’s kind of urgent. We’re making the poster as soon as we get the pictures from you… wow, I’m on a roll!

I rush home go through the pictures and then I make some fast edits, do a WeTransfer of the best pics and then I’m off to the next photo shoot.

I come to the party and I start snapping photos. It’s 11pm and people are really in the flow. The Dj is doing his thing and next to him up on the stage there is a saxophone player jamming along with the tracks. People are dancing and the mood is awesome. I’m guessing that there are 500 people plus at the party and everyone is having the time off their life. So am I, this is great, I should be doing this every day!

I’m home around 1am and I’m still buzzing. Should I do my edits now? It would blow everyone away if they wake up in the morning and they already have the pictures from the party in their inbox. Then I catch myself. Why? What? Sleep?

There is one thing I’ve learned from being a workaholic. There are never enough hours in one day if you decide to work all your waking hours. The thing is that tomorrow you might get a phone call or a knock on the door at 6 am and someone really needs your help. Go to sleep, wind down, no one will thank you for working yourself to death. The only thing you do is raise the bar for what they think they can ask of you next time.

My advice is :

Don’t do it, go to sleep instead. Make up your mind in advance of what’s important in your life. I’ve given myself one year to kick bad habits and working to much is definitely been one of them throughout my life. So I choose to listen to that inner voice. I’m back on the road of constant improvement.

I’m back in the groove of putting my well being first. I’ll be posting this little story on Welcome to Insight and then I’ll be off to the gym. Today is cardio and stomach day.

The only question right now is, what book should I listen to while doing my workout?

Life is good!

If you happen to read this, leave a message and let me know if you have any special requests or thoughts. Love to hear your comments!


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