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To buck it or to fuck it?



So two days ago I outsource a small editing job for a photo shoot I had. Then yesterday I spend six hour creating a Buck it or Fuck it calendar… In Photoshop! Just so that I can post it on a site which has no readers. If you happen to read this you’re starting to understand how crazy this challenge is to me. I have given myself one year to try to fix as many of my bad habits as possible. I’m doing this by studying successful people and implementing routines and habits that they use and suggest.

One of the things that is suggested by many successful people is that you should share with others. That’s when I came up with the idea to develop different tools that I could share with my non existing readers. What I’ve come to realize though is that the tools are extremely effective. I am kicking serious butt at this personal development journey of mine now a days. So far I am successfully :

Quitting smoking ciggarettes, going to the gym 6 days a week, getting up at 4:30 in the morning, meditating every day, writing this daily blog post, following a intermittent fasting schedule, doing a Brad Pitt workout routine at the gym, losing weight, learning new skills. If I can keep this kind of development up for a whole year, I will most definitely see some changes. What I want you to know is that I’ve been one lazy dude and that’s why this is so cool to me. I’m impressing upon myself every day.

So while I’m still excited I might as well throw another Fuckit list up on my wall. Because there is something that really annoys me in my behavior and that’s when I raise my voice to my kids or my wife. From now on I will update my Fuck it calendar tool to eliminate this bad behavior from my life for a whole year. For every day I keep my voice at a conversation level without raising it or expressing anger in any way, I get a red cross in my calendar. The goal is to do like Jerry Seinfeld do with his calendar, not break the chain of red crosses. Here we go!

Funny part is that I won’t even tell my wife and kids. The change will just be there when they wake up in a couple of hours. Their father has raised his voice for the last time during a whole year. I’m hoping that a year of practice will erase that bad habit forever.

I will keep you updated with all my experiments, researches and tools under the Tools menu. I’m a little bit behind now because there has been a lot of personal development decisions lately. I only have a year and three weeks has already past, ha ha!

Leave a comment if you’re there!//B

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