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Tell your story – Live out loud, be proud, change the world, be you

If you want to be able to tell your story, make sure that you do so with a feeling of pride. If you’re filled with shame and doubt when you decide to share, only half truths and lies will come out. If anything at all.

But if you still have the urge to share, you need to realize what that means. You’re going to have to change enough to be able to observe your story with an honest eye. What really happened and what’s going on right now?

The good news is. Change creates meaning. And a person who has found meaning can change the world. If you feel doubt about this, just have a look at the story of Nelson Mandela.

Remember that the rules of society are only guidelines. So the people who make the biggest impact are the ones who stand up for who they are and what they believe.

Rules, guidelines and cultural norms are around us every day. And every time you feel different and misunderstood. Be thankful instead of angry and sad. These feelings of alienation are signs that you actually have meaning and purpose. It’s in those moments you should be extra curious and explore how you can find, “your way”. In the end It’s not only for your own selfish reasons, it’s for everyone who are like you and will come after you.

Leave a trail through adversity so that others like you can follow. This is how you make the world a better place.

Live out loud, be proud, change the world… be you!


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