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I found the meaning of life!

What do we think we will need to attain to have a happy long lasting life? If the question is asked when we’re still young the top two answers would most commonly be, money and fame.


This scientific data is taken from a project called “The Harward Study of Adult Development”.


The study follows a group of men for 75 five years up until today. Every two year these people gets interviewed, filmed, goes through medical tests and answers questions about their life.


From the results we learn that happiness and success is not about working hard or getting rich.


According to this 75 year long study, the most important thing in life is : – To have good relationships.

Quality relationships with friends and family will keep you happier and healthier & it makes you live longer. It’s even more important than your cholesterol levels.

Time to take a good look at the people around you? Your entire life literately depends on it!

If you’d like a readers challenge for this topic. Read the article “Eliminate the bad”, It’s a 2 minute read.

Here’s my advice for the day. If you feel trapped in an unhealthy relationship. You need to start figuring out how to phase it out. The method I write about in the link above works for me.

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