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Brave enough to fail



I’m up but I’m barely awake. It’s one of those mornings where I would’ve loved to just keep on sleeping. But Welcome to Insight is calling me and I stumble out of bed, into the bathroom where I brush my teeth, I get out in the kitchen where I turn on the water boiler for my instant coffee, I prepare the pillows in the sofa for my morning meditation by fluffing them up really nice, I sit down in the sofa with my legs crossed and I start to meditate, I go deep, I meditate longer than I usually do I’m enjoying the silence of the apartment, the temperature is perfect at this time of year in Noumea it’s about 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius, I end up my meditation session with an intense mental exercise, it’s part of a new routine which I applied to my life a couple of weeks ago, I smile to myself as I go through the exercise, – this is crazy I’m thinking to myself, It’s a good thing that I don’t have any readers!

Let me explain…

Latest experiment, The Law of Attraction:

There is a movement in the world right now and it’s been going on for quite some time. A lot of people are talking about books like “The Secret” and “The law of attraction”. Since I don’t want to go for a whole year and not try something like that out I’ve decided to attract massive passive income by doing an experiment with the law of attraction. But I have to have some rules for this experiment, because if it’s successful then I would like to be able to share the “Tool for massive passive income to my readers”.

So according to this really nice woman called Abraham Hicks the law of attraction works like this :

If you offer a point of attraction for 17 seconds the law of attraction kicks in. At the point of 17 seconds another thought that matches it will join. If you can do this for 68 seconds the manifestation has begun.”

So that’s what I’m doing at the end of every meditation session. I focus for 17 seconds and I concentrate on “Massive passive income”. In my mind I see truck loads of money dumping money off right outside my apartment. After the first 17 seconds, I do it again. Then I develop that thought further into something like “An abundance of massive passive income” I do that for another 34 seconds. Finally I do a third variation so that I pass that magical 64 second limit and I can rest assured that I did everything I was told and then some.

Another rule is that I have a roof for how much money I can make like this. It’s 70 000$/year or as much as 12 million dollars total. After this is achieved I will donate every dollar that exceeds that to different charities. Oh, did someone think that was greedy? What if someone like Warren Buffet had said that at the beginning of his career?

sharing is caring!

What and why is Welcome to Insight?

So I’ve decided to give myself one year to study successful people. Here’s a couple of examples of what my day looks like :

I listen to the Tim Ferriss podcast and take notes on all his guests, read the blog of Seth Godin, watch inspiring documentaries like the “Ibris Elba Fighter” one, I read & listen to books, I try to find ways to apply the wisdom that I gain into my own life.

This is some of the applying that I do :

I do morning meditation every day, I write in my “Rapid Diary Tool” every day, I do research on the Brad Pitt Fight Club workout routine and then I start to follow it every day, I do research on intermittent fasting and then I start doing that every day. I come up with challenges like listening to one Tim Ferriss episode every day and pick one thing that I can take with me from every episode, then I do that every day. Every morning I write a post because that’s what Seth Godin says that everyone should do and then I do that every day. Then I share what I learn here on Welcome to Insight every day. This list goes on.

Crucial to me is that the new routines and habits I’m applying are things that I truly want to have in my life. The things on my list are things that I’ve been wanting to do for many years. It’s finally happening! The advice for success from the mighty Arnold Schwarzenegger him self is repetition, repetition, repetition… That’s why I try to work on my new challenges every day.

I guess I should define what success is to me. Success to me is to be happy and content with my life. So right now I’m feeling like a champ. I move like a butterfly and sting like a bee, ha ha!

If you’re a Abraham Hicks follower or a LOA believer, leave a comment and let me know what’s happening in your life!

Enjoy life, have fun with it!


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